The Partition of Palestine

Map of the proposed 1947 Partition
Map Of Ottoman Palestine
Arab Revolt 1936–1939
Map of proposed partition by the Peel Commission

“a Jewish state in part of Palestine is not an end, but a beginning… Establishing a small state… will serve as a very potent lever in our historical efforts to redeem the whole country” — Ben-Gurion in letter to his son 1937

Symbol of the Irgun
The White Paper of 1939
The refugee ship SS ‘Exodus’ at Haifa Docks, 1947
The aftermath of the King David Hotel bombing
Members of UNSCOP

“granting a state to a group of immigrants, who did not even comprise one-third of the population, and depriving the native inhabitants, who comprised two-thirds of the population, of their right to self-determination, was beyond logic and natural law” — Yusuf, Muhsin. “The Partition of Palestine — An Arab Perspective.”

Palestinians fleeing their village during the war of ‘48




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Ahmed Kamran

Ahmed Kamran

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