A Divided Left and The Rise of Hitler.

Author’s Note: This article is based on a Sociology paper I recently wrote.

Great Coalition

The Müller Cabinet

Brüning Chancellorship Begins

Chancellor Brüning

Article 48 Explained

President Hindenburg

1930 Election

Composition of the German Reichstag after the 1930 election

SPD’s Toleration Policy

A widely publicized election poster of the Social Democratic Party of Germany from 1932, with the Three Arrows symbol representing resistance against reactionary conservatism, Nazism and Soviet communism, alongside the slogan “Against Papen, Hitler, Thälmann

Papen and the Nazi-Conservative alliance

Papen and Hitler

Communist Party

KPD Headquarters

Born in Conflict: KPD vs SPD during the 1918–1919 Revolution

Founders of the KPD: Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

March Action

Communists being arrested after the March Action

United Front

SPD (left) and KPD (right)

Stalinization of the KPD

Stalin on the left and Ernst Thälmann on the right.

A Divided Left


Hitler appointed Chancellor 1933


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