A story of the international success of Zionist diplomacy and organization, and an ongoing Palestinian struggle for statehood.

There are few nations on Earth whose statehood is as contested as that of Palestine. Home to some of the holiest sites of the three Abrahamic religions, Palestine had been ruled by…

Cultural Backlash vs Economic Anxiety in the 2016 election.

The 2016 election of Donald Trump caught the media landscape and political analysts by surprise. Election models from the Huffington Post (Jackson and Hooper 2016) and New York Times (Katz 2016) gave Clinton a 98% and 85% chance of winning the election, respectively. Plagued by scandals, offensive comments about immigrants…

Author’s Note: This article is based on a Sociology paper I recently wrote.

The rise of Hitler was not inevitable. A series of political, social, and economic failures culminated in the victory of one of the most treacherous regimes of the 20th Century. The Social Democrats (SPD) and Communists (KPD), the two leftmost parties in the Weimar Republic, could have led an effective…

Ahmed Kamran

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